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Wedding is an important ceremony in the lives of the followers of Judaism. The followers of Judaism prefer to perform all their ceremonies in accordance with the rituals. One such ritual is engagement where the engagement rings are exchanged between a man and his wife-to-be. This may prove the amount of importance that the Jews attach to the wearing of these rings.

Designs inlaid on the engagement rings

Of all the engagement rings that can be found in the market, the Jewish engagement rings are the most popular ones. These engagement rings are so named because of the fact that these rings contain designs that have got some connections with the Jewish religion.

The Jewish engagement rings that were exchanged in the Renaissance period were inlaid with complicated designs like that of the Temple of Jerusalem or a synagogue. These designs obviously reflected excellent craftsmanship but then these complicated designs made those rings too heavy to be worn every day.

Over the centuries, the jewelry designers have worked real hard to develop lighter designs so that the engagement rings could be worn on a regular basis. These designs were adapted from the various symbols of the Jewish religion and culture. The most popular of the designs included the Star of David, the Hamsa and the Chai designs.

Where to buy the engagement rings from?

Israel is the considered to be the land of skilled workers, artisans and craftsmen. So if you want to buy a diamond engagement ring then it is better if you can buy the same directly from Israel. The net offers various shopping portals that ensure that you can get the best product from leading jewelry stores in Israel. In case you cannot make it to Israel in person, you can order the rings from the store’s catalogue and the product will be delivered to your doorstep in within a week.

Inscriptions on engagement rings

It has been seen of late that the most popular of the engagement rings are those which contain inscriptions. These inscriptions are made in Hebrew, in English or any other scriptures that an individual may like.

In most of the cases, the buyers of the engagement rings opt for the Hebrew rings i.e. the rings inscribed in Hebrew. They feel that the Hebrew inscriptions add a sort of mysticism to the engagement rings. The inscriptions may contain the name of the future wife, the name of the future husband or even their wedding date.

The mystic appeal that the Hebrew rings bring with them has made them immensely popular with the younger generations. The best part of these Hebrew rings is that the buyers get a chance to customize their engagement rings. The custom Jewish engagement rings reflect the love of the buyer for his or her loved ones.

The cost of these engagement rings differs greatly from $60 to $1,500. The price depends on the purity of the metal used to forge the rings, the precious stones used and the complexity of the designs inlaid onto these rings. So make your wedding day extra special by getting your special ring directly from where it originates, Israel.


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Israeli Jewelry:

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