Israel Souvenir

An Israel souvenir is sought after by tourists across the globe. Right from exquisite candles to beautiful handmade shofar and lovely Israel T Shirts, you can take back home some amazing souvenirs from this Holy Land.

Exclusive shofars

One of the most common Israel souvenir includes the shofar. It is a holy instrument played during religious ceremonies. You may have seen the shofar player playing this instrument during the Jewish Bar Mitzvah ceremony and other auspicious occasions. It takes plenty of practice and experience to play the shofar well and only seasoned players can do justice to this instrument. Many tourists who come to Israel take back the shofar as a memento. There are several different kinds of shofar such as Ram’s horn shofar,

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Yemenite shofar etc. The Yemenite shofar is one of the most ancient types and was used in Biblical times as well as the instrument of choice by Jews. Modern shofars range from simple to the very ornate and carved varieties. Usually half of the shofar is plated with some metal or carvings and the rest of the portion is kept neutral and natural. Some shofar have gold or silver plating done from the mouth piece till half of the shofar. When you take purchase shofars as the Israel souvenir of choice you should ensure these are of good quality. Never buy from manufacturers who make claims of tuning the shofar or that it does not smell at all. The shofar will always have a bit of smell in them and can never be tuned as such. It is only the variation of the mouth piece, which can alter the notes of the shofar.

Talit shawls and bags

If you want to take back an Israel souvenir which is both religious and yet offers utility then a talit is a great idea. This is a religious shawl worn during Jewish prayer sessions. There is a certain way in which you need to wear the talit otherwise it is considered sacrilegious to the Jewish religion. There are many different kinds of talit shawls available these days and you can choose the fabric and texture or color as per your preferences. Cotton talit shawls are best for regular use while the more ornate ones like silk etc. are best kept for festivals and religious ceremonies. In addition to the talit shawl you can also take back another fantastic Israel souvenir namely the talit bag! These talit bags have exclusive and ornate appliqu? and embroidery work done on them. They are very soft and comfortable to the touch and offer plenty of utility as well. Such an Israel souvenir is ideal for a religious minded person who also wants to combine functionality with it.

Miscellaneous items

When it comes to unique Israel souvenir there are also other things to select from. You can take back exotic carved candles, local handicrafts, art works, holy items, pictures, silvery antique jewelry and much more! In addition, you can also choose Israel souvenir such as Bible perfume scents, calendars, pendants with Hebrew names, books on Judaism and lots more.


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