Dead Sea Hotels

Dead Sea hotels are probably one of the most sought-after accommodations in Israel. Compared to all other Israel hotels these are in terrific demand because of the rejuvenating spa ambience these offer.

Cheap and comfortable Dead sea hotels

The beauty about Dead Sea hotels is that you can get both high priced as well as reasonable accommodations. Thus, travelers here can choose hotels according to their budget. Some of the most popular destinations around which you find Dead Sea hotels include the City Center, Beach and the Dead Sea. One of the most popular accommodations here is the Crowne Plaza. Amongst all other Dead Sea hotels it offers an unrivalled experience of reasonable rates and exclusive comfort rolled into one! You can experience first-class facilities and great comfort here even without breaking the bank! Right from exclusive massages and dead sea spa therapies to other rejuvenating treatments, the stay is sure to be a memorable one.

Therapeutic sessions

The Dead Sea hotels are primarily in demand because of all the rejuvenating packages they offer. For example, the collection of Dead Sea spa therapies is simply amazing. Each one promises a specific treatment to a particular problem. For ages, the Dead Sea mud has been famous for its healing properties. The mud is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, which keep skin looking young and flawless. Thus, if you wish to regain your youthful appearance the Dead Sea mud can be the elixir to life! Even the water of the Dead Sea has healing properties. Most tourists like to take a swim in the spring waters here. Whether you have weak joints or pain in the limbs you can heal yourself by treating yourself to the Dead Sea mud therapies. In addition, if you want to unwind the rest of the day in a privacy of a room, then the surrounding Dead Sea hotels are the best choice.

Places to see around the Dead sea

In addition to experiencing the rejuvenating properties of a Dead Sea spa experience, you can also see lots of interesting places here in the Dead Sea region. For example there is the famous fortress of Masada. This is a historic site where small groups of Jewish people fought thousands of Romans. They chose to die for the cause instead of becoming the Roman slaves. Thus, the fortress is an inspiring place to visit. Whether it is beauty, healing or better health you covet, the Dead Sea spa treatments are not to be missed. You can always check into one of the nearby Dead Sea hotels to experience these rejuvenating treatments or visit the local spa centers in and around the region. Then there is the Herod’s Northern Palace, which has spectacular views of the east and north regions. You can see Herod’s own staircase and beautiful frescos and an opulent bathroom! You can stay at the nearby Dead Sea hotels to experience the lovely sightseeing here! The other attractions here include the Qumran Cave, Nachal David Stream and the Mineral Beach. All of these places are visited every year.


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