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Eilat hotels: experience the best in and around Eilat!

Tucked away in one corner of Israel, the city of Eilat is a very popular tourist attraction. This place is also home to some of the best Eilat hotels across Israel. Apart from the excellent amenities and staying experience in all Eilat hotels you can also enjoy sandy white crystal waters in an Eilat beach!

Festivals and tours

If you want to get the most out of your experience at Eilat, you should opt for Eilat tours. These tours will take you to some of the best and most celebrated festivals here. Some of the popular festivals conducted in Eilat include Israel Eilat International Film Festival. This is a cultural event of sorts and attracts thousands of tourists each year. Then there is the yearly Red Sea Jazz Festival, which has many noted performances by famous artistes. There are both outdoor as well as indoor performances for the crowds to enjoy. The classical musical festival in Eilat is also another crowd-puller. If you want to unwind the rest of the day after seeing all these festivals, you can simply check into one of the fantastic Eilat hotels.

Adventure and sports

Eilat is perhaps most famous for its Eilat beach. The crystal waters colored turquoise blue along with the white sandy shores make for a perfect vacation experience. You can choose some of the Eilat hotels, which overlook the beach. This way, you can get fantastic views of the beach when you wake up in the morning! In terms of adventure, Eilat has a lot to offer. There are plenty of water sports such as scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing and many others. In fact, the Eilat beach is one of the finest beaches in the world because of the fine sand! The backdrop of the coral reefs makes for an added attraction.

Best Eilat hotels

Some of the best hotels around Israel are found in Eilat. Even amongst all the neighboring Israel hotels the city of Eilat offers the best in hospitality, dining and entertainment. Some of the most exclusive Eilat hotels include the Herods Palace Hotel, Rimonim Neptune Eilat, Shalom Plaza Eilat, Isrotel King Solomon, Prima Music, Dan Panorama Eilat, Caesar Resort Hotel, Eilat Princess Hotel as well as many other noteworthy ones!

Sightseeing and tours

When you are in Eilat you can do more than just visit the nearby Eilat beach! You can see some of the important places of interest located here in Eilat too! Some of the popular attractions in Eilat include the Texas Ranch, which is located right opposite the famous Dolphin Reef! Here you and your family can go on horseback rides and camel rides as well! Kings City is another famous attraction in Eilat. There are many Eilat hotels nearby too. Many of the Eilat tours include one-day trips. Therefore, if you have less time on hand, you can go see the best of Eilat in a single day!

Therefore, when you visit Eilat, make the best of your trip by enjoying a fantastic stay at some of the premier Eilat hotels!


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