HRD Colored Diamonds

The most important social institution of an individual’s life is wedding. Wedding signifies the union of two lives and two souls who vow to remain together till death. Execution of such important social institution cannot take place without the engagement rings or the wedding rings. These rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand following the popular belief that the finger contains a vein known as the vein of love. In most of the cases, the engagement rings and the wedding rings are diamond rings.

Why are diamond rings important?

Diamonds display high optical characteristics. When light falls on diamonds, it gets trapped within the diamond helix and then gets emitted in various colors. The strong covalent bonding between the carbon atoms make diamonds the hardest rocks known to mankind and also doubles as good conductors of heat. As a result diamonds find their usage in a large number of industries.

The optical characteristics of diamonds make them highly sought after in the jewelry industries. Gifting a loved one or a near and dear one is something that every individual looks for. Gifting of diamond rings to your spouse will reflect your endless love towards them and will also make them happy.

Why are some diamonds colored?

The diamonds that are mined are usually pure and therefore are colorless. But if you visit a jewelry showroom you will find diamonds of various colors. These diamonds are colored because of the presence of minute impurities in them.

The presence of boron will make a diamond appear blue. The presence of nitrogen will make this precious stone appear yellow. The formation of a colored diamond in the mines is a rare phenomenon. And therefore these colored diamonds can fetch huge sums of money in the market.

Diamond regulatory body

Since the colored diamonds can fetch huge sums of money, chances are high that some people can avail corrupt means to add artificial color to thediamonds and sell them at high prices in the market.

As a result, the chances are high for the customers and buyers to fall prey to these corrupt means and become victims of fake colored diamonds. Therefore it was necessary for the formation of various diamond regulatory bodies that would stop the inflow of fake diamonds and make sure that only the genuine ones make it to the markets.

One such regulatory body is the HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant or the Diamond High Council) that is based in Antwerp and looks after the Belgian diamond industry. The HRD certification is a proof enough of the authenticity of the colored diamonds. Since adding colors to the diamonds can be done artificially in laboratories, the HRD has to certify that the diamonds going to the market are formed naturally and are hundred percent genuine.

Once you visit the market, make sure to check on the certificates issued from bodies like the HRD or the GIA. Only then you can move forward to buy the diamond rings for your loved ones.


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