Name Rings

Popularity of name rings

If we look into the most commonly used fashion accessory then name rings feature among the top ones. Rings most commonly due to its size do not attract much attention except when the size is bigger than normal or when it is decorated with a big and precious stone.

It is natural that not everyone can afford a precious stone and therefore common rings are not attention grabbers. This is when people started thinking of personalizing it. Name ring was the answer. Personalized name rings catch the attention of people very easily. Moreover, well-known fashion divas have exhibited name rings to add to its popularity

How to wear a name ring?

Personalized name rings do certainly make a fashion statement but provided it is wore with the right apparel. The casual look of the name ring often makes it an informal accessory and men and women can wear a name ring to social gatherings, clubs, parties and concerts. This does not mean that a name ring cannot be used as an office wear. If the name ring is simple and lacy in look it can go well with any office attire. People try and avoid wearing name rings in formal occasions to avoid unnecessary attention.

Whom to gift a Name ring?

Name rings make great gift items and can be gifted to anyone at any occasion. Any person whether man or woman, young or old can be the proud owner of a name ring. Name rings can be presented to loved ones and to friends to make any occasion memorable. Just as a brother can gift his little sister, a father can gift his son or daughter, a friend can gift it to another friend, a husband can gift it to his wife and vice versa.

Name rings can be a rare gift for a special person also. Name rings can make a very good graduation gift to mark the individuality of the recipient. In Jewish culture a name ring is an ideal gift for bar mitzvah.

Different options of name rings

The most popular form of name ring is the 14 K yellow or white gold name rings. Next is the platinum name ring which is a bit expensive. One can also get a name ring with is made of a combination of two colors of gold. These name rings are very popular and is used in the fashion circle. The name rings often displays Hebrew letterings and phrases. Name rings which have lacy look are light and can be worn at an occasion. In a solid name ring the name is overshadowed by the metal.

Things to remember while buying a name ring

Name ring needs a processing time, especially if one wants his name in Hebrew letterings. If you want to gift someone with a name ring he should keep ample time on hand while placing the order. Name rings made of white metals lose their shine if used daily. In such cases maintenance of the name ring is necessary. Stamped name rings and name rings made of surgical stainless steel are cheaper than gold and platinum ones.


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