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Israel hotels: Fine comfort, exclusive dining and great amenities! Israel hotels are well known for their charming decor, hospitable staff and plenty of high-class amenities they offer. If you are traveling in Israel then you should definitely check out some of the fantastic hotels here. Israel tourism has grown tremendously over the years, accounting for splendid hotels and accommodations as well.

What to expect from the Israel hotels

Israel hotels combine old world charm with modern sensibilities. If you want the best dining experiences and classic old world hospitability then you will find many exclusive accommodations here. If you are visiting Jerusalem for a religious excursion then you can find many five-star as well as budget Jerusalem hotels. These are all exclusive in terms of their amenities and offer a great variety in terms of food and activities. No Israel travel experience is ever complete without staying in some of these gorgeous hotels. Therefore, you definitely must stay in one of these high profile accommodations!

The Carlton Hotel

Probably one of the most celebrated Israel hotels is the Carlton, located in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv being the capital of Israel is the primary choice for all tourists. If you want a great combination of fantastic nightlife, exclusive dining experiences and plenty of shopping and sightseeing then Tel Aviv is your best destination! The Carlton offers an enormous amount of variety when it comes to the kinds of accommodation. Amongst all the Israel hotels this one is perhaps the best in terms of amenities and treatment of the customers. The kinds of rooms range from the Superior City, Superior Sea, to the Deluxe Full Sea View, Executive Royal, Executive One Bedroom Suite, Executive Two Bedroom Suite, Mediterranean Suite, Bianco Suite and many others. The Mediterranean Suite is a spectacular experience. Everything from the d?cor to the ambience is typically Mediterranean. Therefore, you find warm and bright colors in the room, fresh flowers, beautiful upholstery and exclusive furniture. The hotel also offers exclusive business packages, which are great for official business trips to Israel.

Other best Israel hotels

In addition to the variety of Israel hotels there are also exclusive eilat hotels, which also offer a wide range of amenities. Some of the more prominent eilat hotels include the Caesar Premier Hotel, Express Beat, Isrotel Agamim, Magic Palace, Prima Music, Rimonim Eilat as well as the Royal Tulip. The range of Jerusalem hotels is also astounding. There is the famous Caesar Premier Jerusalem, David Citadel, Crowne Plaza Jerusalem, Prima Kings, Regency, Prima Palace as well as others like the Rabin Guest House.

Not many tourists get there, but Netanya is a vibrant coastal city that you must not miss when you visit in Israel. Hotels, restaurants, museums and walking trails are just some of what the city has to offer, you will not want to miss the wonderful weather and warm people happy to welcome you. Netanya hotels are at a high service level, many tourists visit the city during the year and are happy to stay in one of the carefully equipped hotels.

Budget and convenience

Israel travel need not always be expensive. You can use a variety of modern software these days to choose selective Israel hotels, which cater to your budget and preferences. This software allows you to choose Israel hotels according to the costs, services offered as well as in-house activities. Thus the next time Israel travel is on your mind, make sure to stay in some of these exclusive Israel hotels to enjoy an experience of a lifetime!


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