Gold Wedding Rings

Jewish tradition and gold weddig rings

In a Jewish wedding the main requirement is a solid gold wedding rings. The gold weddig rings should be like a band with no engraving or cut. The Jewish people believe that such a gold weddig rings is the symbol of completeness and eternal love for one’s spouse. The gold weddig rings also symbolizes one‘s whole hearted commitment to the well being of the other partner. Nowadays Jewish people have become somewhat liberal and they are using gold weddig ringss with various inscriptions and phrases.

Materials used to make a gold weddig rings

gold weddig ringss are made of an alloy of gold, copper, silver and bismuth. Sometimes platinum and white gold alloys are also used. Today, jewelers have started using nickel gold alloy which is much cheaper for making gold weddig ringss. For plating they use rhodium. The rhodium plating is not durable and needs to be re-plated from time to time.

Different patterns of gold weddig ringss to suit different purposes

Plain bands in gold weddig ringss are preferred mostly by doctors who are concerned about their patient’s hygiene. Urban couples who work at offices also opt for plain gold weddig ringss. Three interwoven gold weddig ringss are common in France as according to their tradition it stands for faith, hope and love. gold weddig ringss in the form of interlocking metal bands are to be found in Greece and Turkey. These gold weddig ringss can be arranged into a single piece. If superstition is to be believed through this gold weddig rings, it is tested whether the wife is trustworthy or not. gold weddig ringss with a design which shows Celtic knot on top is used by Irish or Scottish women.

Affordability of gold weddig ringss

Not everyone can afford a solid gold weddig rings. There are, however cheaper gold plated variety. gold weddig ringss embellished with precious stones are costlier, but one cannot simply resist the beauty of this masterpiece. Rings made of white and yellow gold combined also goes for a high price tag. These sort of stylish rings are much in demand by corporate women.

Where to purchase a gold weddig ringss?

gold weddig ringss are available in almost all jewelry stores. What one must look for is the uniqueness of its design. Well known jewelry brand try to keep up with the trend and keep modern and contemporary designs of gold weddig ringss available in their stores. However, conventional gold weddig ringss never go out of demand. Online shopping is gaining popularity nowadays and consumers can purchase gold weddig ringss from online stores as well. The advantage of shopping online is that one can surf and choose from a large collection of gold weddig ringss. He or she can also compare the quality and price of the gold weddig rings. Most of the reputed online shops offer great discounts on gold weddig ringss. Therefore, you can save the money to a great extent.


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