Study Abroad A Once in a Lifetime Adventure

 Studying abroad is a phenomenal opportunity to expand your horizons into another culture. Almost 350,000 students pursue their studies in another country to enhance their learning experience and grow their understanding of the world. 


There are so many countries to pick from. Most students want a place that piques their interest but also provides opportunities. Israel is an excellent contender for study abroad, as it has features that combine both work and play. You can gain plenty of work experience with unique businesses and institutions, then take some time to enjoy the beaches and ancient architecture.


How Does Study Abroad Work?

Study abroad allows you to travel, live, and study in another country. When doing this, students can attend a university or learning institution and take classes to work toward a degree. Usually, credits earned in an overseas university can transfer to the home university. 


Students can typically customize their program, meaning they can pick what classes to take, where to live, and what activities to do. However,  some study abroad programs are critically structured and follow a particular itinerary. Again, a student usually has the option to choose in this program. 


For the most part, a study abroad student can pick what overseas university to attend, ensuring that credits can transfer. They can also decide if they want to live on-campus or off-campus, whether in hostel-style housing or with a host family. The bottom line is that a student can have an immersive experience to enhance their studies. 


Where to Study?

The world is so vast with limitless opportunities, so it can be challenging to pinpoint just one country. Students can pick from hundreds of opportunity-filled places to study in. Some of the most popular study abroad destination include:


  • Spain
  • France
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Costa Rica
  • Australia
  • China


Students select their destination based on what kind of experience they want. Every country in the world is unique and offers different gifts to society and culture. When thinking of your study abroad destination, decide if you want to walk the beaten path or go for the road less traveled.


What Are the Benefits of Studying Abroad in Israel?

When looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure destination, students look for work opportunities and potential for adventure. Israel has all this. As a start-up nation, Israel is home to hundreds of successful businesses that can help launch careers. Million-dollar ideas like Waze, drip irrigation, cherry tomatoes, Mobileye System, and USB all come from the Holy Land, not to mention the many other successful businesses that stem from this country. 


When students work or study abroad in Israel, they have the chance to immerse themselves in Israeli culture. The Hebrew language, Jewish holidays, and the Dead Sea are just some things that students can experience. The ancient cities call for daytime adventures, and the national parks invite visitors to bask in their natural beauty. There is so much to do in Israel, all while working toward your degree. 


What Can You Gain from Study Abroad?

University students, graduates, and counselors highly recommend taking a trip abroad while working toward a degree. There are so many reasons to get on a plane and see the world. By traveling abroad, you bring back many stories to share with friends and family. Surely, they are going to hang on your every word when you tell them about how you got lost in the heart of Jerusalem but stumbled across your new favorite falafel place. 


A study abroad experience can introduce you to a new language, as well. Experts recommend that people learn more than one language to enhance their brain development. As a young student, the time is perfect to get learning. 


Being abroad and independent opens you up to more experiences and people. Interact with people you would never have met if you did not go out and expand your worldview. Interacting with others and making decisions for your self can build independence and help you learn more about yourself. 


Your new experiences look great on a resumé and help you when networking. Plus, you may be able to save money on tuition. Overall, study abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you have the chance, take it!




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