Jewish Israel Tour

Jewish Israel tour: explore the Jewish heritage!

Whether you wish to go for a school Jewish trip or for the Bar Mitzvah Jewish israel tours there is a specific tour type for every preference.

Types of Jewish tours

There are many different kinds of Jewish Israel tour packages and the one you choose will depend on your convenience and choices. There is a 15 day tour during the Bar Mitzvah, where you get to see places such as Israel Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Zion Gate and many more. These tours stop for prayer at specific times so you can reflect on the religious experiences. The famous Western Wall in Israel Jerusalem is an important religious site for all Jews. Inside the tunnels, you can walk along the ancient foundation stones of the Israel wall. These tours also take you to Masada Fortress in Jordan to reflect on the plight of Jews during such a time. The beautiful nature reserve of Ein Gedi is also part of these kosher Israel tours. Then there are group tours to Tel Aviv Israel, where school children can go for knowing about their ancient Jewish heritage. For families there is a Passover Tour, which shows you the Golan Heights, the Old City, Kotel wall, Tower Of David Jerusalem Museum and many other religious sites.

Heritage tours

For those who want a true picture of the ancient Jewish culture and history, the Jewish Israel tour called Heritage tours are the best option. These tours take Jewish people to various religious sites to keep the faith alive. These include places such as the Caesaria, Safed, which is the site where Kaballah movement was initiated. The Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Beit Shan are also fantastic religious sites to see. An entire day can be spent seeing the places inside Israel Jerusalem. Right from the famous Israel wall to other places like Yad Vashem and Mount Hertzl, there are many religious sites to see. The Dead Sea Scrolls can be found inside Shrine of the Book and you can see the Menora, which has unique inscriptions dating to Biblical times. The town of Mea Shearim teaches you about the orthodox lifestyle of Jewish people living there. The final visit in this Jewish Israel tour is with the Ammunition Hill, which was an ancient Jordanian camp. Inside the Old City of Israel Jerusalem you can experience Bar Mitzvah ceremonies near the Israel wall. Places like David’s Tower and Jaffa Gate are other attractions within the Old City.

Kosher tours

If you take only kosher food and wish a customized kosher experience then the kosher Israel tours are your best choice. These tours may include everything from accommodation to transportation in the price or just a few hours of guided Jewish Israel tour packages. You can take your pick according to budget and preference. Only kosher food is served in these tours. These kosher Israel tours include only those hotels and accommodations, which serve you only kosher food. Thus, you can be rest assured of a total kosher Jewish Israel tour experience!


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