Catholic Tours to Israel

Catholic tours to Israel: experience the religious catholic past!

If you wish to experience a true Catholic religious tour while in Israel then the Catholic tours to Israel are the best choice. These tours take you to all the important religious sites of interest, which will bring your faith back alive!

Ancient and historic Biblical places

The catholic pilgrimages focus on excursions to all the holy places of Christian worship. Hence, these holy land pilgrimages take you to important Christian sites like the oldest city of Jaffa. You can visit the ancient Church of Saint Peter and walk through the Old Quarter inside Jaffa, which has now been reconstructed for tourists. You can travel across the beautiful Sharon Plains and reach Caesaria, which was the place where Herrod made an entire city in honor of Augustus Caesar. You can still see the ancient ruins dating back to Crusader, Roman and Byzatine times. These Christian israel tours also take you to places like Haifa, where you can see some spectacular views of the entire Holy Land. The Bahai Shrine is another important attraction and has a golden dome over it. You can drive across the Mount Carmel ridge, for seeing the dwelling of Prophet Elijah. Places like the Stella Maris and the Carmelite Monastery are important places as part of all the Catholic tours to Israel.

Sea of Galilee

These catholic pilgrimages also take you along the Sea of Galilee and after that you can see the town of Capernaum, which is where Jesus Christ lived. You can also visit Tabgha, where fishes and loaves of bread multiplied and Jesus made it happen to feed the poor. The Church of Saint Peter is also an important religious site as part of the catholic tours to Israel. This is the place where Peter got the primacy from the Lord. You can also see places like the Hula Valley as well as the famous Golan Heights. You can also see the foundation of the snow-clad mountain of Hermon. The Holy Land pilgrimages also take you to nature reserves such as the Banias. Here you can find ruins of ancient Caesaria Philippi city. The Mount of Beatitudes, which is the place of Sermon on the Mount is also another critical site for all the Christian Israel tours. You can also visit the Cana of Galilee, which is where Jesus performed the miracle of transforming water to wine! You can then visit Nazareth, which was the home of Joseph and Mary. The Jezreel Valley is a lush and green area and is a feast for your eyes. The Catholic tours to Israel also take you to Church of Annunciation. Places such as Mount Tabor, Beit Shean Valley have some ancient and marvelous ruins dating back to Roman and Byzantine eras. You can proceed to Jericho city, which is considered to be the oldest city of walls.


The Holy City of Jerusalem is a must-see and part of all Catholic tours to Israel. Here you can visit the famous Mount of Olives, Chapel of Ascension as well as Church of Peter Noster. The Church of All Nations, Garden of Gethsamane, Pools of Bethesda, St. Anne’s Church etc. are some notable sightseeing places during your catholic pilgrimages.

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