Israel Tour Package

Most tourists prefer to opt for an Israel tour package instead of trying to explore the country by themselves. The reason is that they may not know which are the best places to check out and what kind of accommodations would fall within their budget. The benefit of leveraging bus tours within Israel is that you can sightsee all the vital places as well as stay in accommodations – all are included in the package price!

Important places to see

Whether you are on a leisurely vacation tour in Israel or wish to explore your religious side here you will find a place to your liking. There are many places to sightsee while in Israel such as the Israel Museum as well as the Shrine of the Book. The latter is an important aspect of all the holy land tours conducted in Israel because it contains the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. You can also include a visit to Qumran, where these scrolls were first discovered. If you want to leverage the religious side of your israel tours package you can also visit places like the Tomb of King David, Mount Zion where the last supper was held. You can still see the ancient room, in which Jesus Christ had His Last Supper! Other places of religious interest include the Holy City of Jerusalem. In fact all of the holy land tours will almost always encompass a visit to Jerusalem! Other religious sites of interest include the Basilica of the Annunciation, which is situated in Nazareth. There is also the famous Church of Nativity located in Bethlehem.

Varied landscapes

Even if you are not in Israel for a religious experience, you can always leverage some of the recreational Israel tour package offers available. These include road trips to some of the most spectacular scenery in Israel. You can see mountains, deserts as well as the famous Dead Sea all in one land! In addition, if you are within a budget and want an affordable option for your vacation tour you can find plenty of tours, which are reasonably priced. If relaxation is on your mind and you want an exclusive Israel tour package, which caters to spa treatments and unwinding your senses you can indulge in some of the exquisite cosmetics straight from the miraculous Dead Sea! The Dead Sea, contrary to its name, has many essential vitamins and minerals, which prevent aging and promote youth. This is why modern cosmetics have started using the minerals of the Dead Sea in their products.

Ways to see Israel

You can leverage an Israel tour package depending on how you would like to see Israel. Many people prefer biking or quad biking to see the beautiful land. In such a case, you can opt for biking tours around the country. Otherwise, you can opt for bus tours replete with air-conditioning and good panoramic views of the outside. For a customized vacation tour you can opt for the private Israel tour package option, which has a dedicated guide to explain everything to you.


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