Tiberias Hotels

Tiberias hotels offer you the best nightlife and great clubbing along with fantastic sightseeing tours around Israel. One of the most popular cities in Israel, Tiberia sees scores of tourists visit this place every year. Amongst all the Israel hotels it is the Tiberias hotels which offer the best nightlife experience.

Fantastic beaches

Tiberia is situated along the Sea of Galilee and is flanked by exotic beaches and crystal clear waters. Tiberia is rich in its cultural heritage and religious history as it is said Lord Jesus used to preach here. The climate here is typically Meditarranean and hence is great for a fabulous vacation! The multitude of hot springs here are another famous attraction for tourists. Due to the booming tourism industry in Tiberia, there are numerous Tiberias hotels mushrooming every few weeks. When compared to the other resort towns and spa centers across Israel, it is Tiberia which scores above all others. This place has hot springs, which are known to have healing and therapeutic properties.

Places to see in Tiberia

When you are visiting Tiberia, you will have plenty of things to see here. One of them is the most famous Kinneret, also known as Sea of Galilee. This sea is filled with numerous fish like comb, carp, catfish and mullet etc. This is why Tiberia is so famous for its fishing activities. The serene waters make for a fabulous vacation and swimming spot for all tourists. In addition to the Kinneret there is also the famous Yehudiya Nature Reserve. Here you will find some exotic pools as well as gorgeous nature trails. These all take the course of River Zavitan. You can either go hiking or just explore the famous Hexagon Pools. These pools are joined together to form hexagonal shapes. Then there is the famous Jordan Park, which is also known as Park Ha Yeden. This park is situated close to the Kinneret and has lots to offer to the tourist. The Tabgha is religious in its nature and has been said to contain magical properties. There is a famous Italian Cathedral as well as the well-known Mount of Beatitudes.

Best Tiberias hotels

One of the most celebrated and famous Tiberias hotels is the Golden Tulip Club Tiberias. It provides you with 5 star accommodation and amongst all the Israel hotels it offers a fantastic experience. Almost every room in the Golden Tulip Club Tiberia has a gorgeous view of the love Sea of Galilee or Kinneret. The location of this hotel is beautiful and hence it is sought-after by almost all tourists. The food here is also excellent and you can sample some of the native Jewish food here. The area has a large swimming pool and they also provide you with a welcome pack as well as a well-stocked mini bar. They make all guests feel at home with their hospitable treatment and friendly nature. Once you check into these Tiberias hotels you can then proceed the rest of the day sightseeing the beautiful beaches of Kinneret as well as nature reserves and parks.


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