Top 5 Israeli diamond rings designs

When it comes to rings nothing beats the ones studded with diamonds. Some of the most beautiful rings are created using a variety of precious and semi-precious stones. Emeralds and ruby rings are some of the most beautiful in the world. However, when it comes to prestige and glamour, the diamond rings are the ones to look out for. There are different types of diamond rings that are available for you to buy but you must do some research and look at some of the most popular diamond ring designs to choose one for yourself or for someone else.

Israeli Solitaire rings

There are plenty of reasons why solitaire diamond rings are some of the most cherished rings of all time. Typical solitaire engagement rings are ones that have one large diamond in the center of the ring. These rings most often have a prong setting that allows a lot of light to pass through the set diamond and increase the brilliance of the stone. Round or princess cut solitaire diamond rings are sure to catch the imagination of anyone.

Antique diamond rings

Even though we have become modern in our outlook, antique engagement rings and antique diamond rings are still something that we cherish. These rings typically have a dated look to them that make them truly out of the ordinary. You will typically find them studded with large diamonds that make them more than just valuable.

Israeli Diamond cocktail rings

Diamond cocktail rings had that aura of illicitness and style thanks to the era in which they were first created. These diamond rings were first worn during the prohibition era and were worn on the right hand to ensure that no one thought they were engagement rings. Stylist cocktail parties with a lot of illegal liquor were the places where these rings could be seen frequently. If you have jewelry to match it, your diamond cocktail ring could attract a lot of attention.

Three stones diamond rings

The three stones diamond ring is one of the most beautiful of diamond rings. This ring has a large diamond in the center and it is flanked on either side by two smaller diamonds or other precious stones. The shape of the diamonds is usually oval but other shapes also look good. Depending on the artistry of the creator, the three stones diamond ring could really make an impact like no other diamond ring.

Colored diamond rings

The latest fad is to go for colored diamond rings. Chemical processes make it possible today to create colored diamonds. The color of the diamond can be as per the choice of the customer. These diamonds are quite expensive and hence, when you gift colored diamond rings to someone you can create a real wow.


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