The Israeli Diamond Bourse

The Israeli diamond bourse is one of the world’s largest trading places for diamonds. If you want to know anything (and we mean anything) about the Israeli diamond industry then this is the place you need to visit. This is the place where you can buy and sell loose diamonds and this is the place where you get all the information and updates about the happenings in the diamond industry worldwide.


The information that you get in the Israeli diamond bourse website about loose diamonds is simply invaluable. You may need such information if you are a trader in diamonds. For starters, you will find about the history of the Israeli diamond bourse and the way it operates. You will get the name of the leading Israeli diamond exporters and also the names of the leading Israeli diamond jewelry companies. The Israeli diamond bourse also has its virtual office where you get information about diamond jewelry and other useful information.


News about the diamond industry is one primary reason why someone would visit the Israeli diamond bourse website. Since diamond is one of the rarest and most precious stones in the world it always has “breaking news” surrounding it. The website gives you up-to-date news on the homepage. You can even opt for receiving newsletters and the eMagazine to stay updated. The Israeli diamond bourse also conducts its trade shows and you will have information about these too.


If you are a trader in loose diamonds or are planning to start a trade in loose diamonds then the Israeli diamond bourse is the place for you to be. The website gives you all the opportunities to start off or expand. You get to meet other traders and have an opportunity to share best practices. The Israeli diamond bourse also lets you connect with other diamond traders through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so on.


Even if you are not a trader and are looking to buy loose diamonds then also the Israeli diamond bourse is invaluable. Simply visit the website and use their online form to indicate the type of diamond you are looking for. There are some inputs that are taken from you in terms of the shape of the diamond and its color and size and then the appropriate diamonds are displayed. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world because the website will automatically detect your location and show diamonds in your country.

If you are looking for info and news on loose diamonds or are planning to buy one or more then the Israeli diamond bourse is the perfect place for you. One visit to the website and you will not look for any other place for diamonds.

Find out more info in the Israeli diamond bourse website (Hebrew Site).


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