Ulpan in Israel

Most tourists who come to Israel prefer opting for some of the ulpan in Israel. Ulpan means classes, which teach Hebrew. Such classes are essential if you wish to learn Hebrew easily and without hassles.

Its aim

The aim of any ulpan in Israel is to help its students learn basics of how to learn to read Hebrew write and converse in it. These are what most basic courses will include. However, if you wish to study the history and culture of Israel then you need advanced ulpan in Jerusalem. These courses talk about the geography, history and culture of Israel as well as Jerusalem and other cities. New citizens of Israel or immigrants can easily learn Hebrew and become accustomed to the lifestyle and culture of this place.

Modern ulpans

There are several new ulpan in Israel and these predominantly teach the immigrants who come to Israel each year. While several private institutions have flourished, it is mostly the state and government run institutions, which are the older and more reputed ones. For example, there are ulpan in Jerusalem, which are run by various municipalities, Jewish agencies, universities and the kibbutzim as well. If Jewish person is coming back to Israel as per the Law of Return for religious or other reasons, he or she can take such ulpan in Israel for free of cost. Most of the modern courses of ulpan in Jerusalem and Israel have a combination of visual and audio teaching methods. These help students learn Hebrew quickly and easily. Various ulpan in Israel are also offered from the Kibbutzim. The duration of such courses is around 5 months. During this period, the Ulpanist does a part time work on kibbutz. This is done as a supplement to the regular studies. Thus, young tourists or immigrants who want to earn and study ulpan in Israel can leverage this opportunity.

E-learning online

Due to the rise of the internet and modern technology, an increasing number of ulpan in Israel are being conducted online. These provide updated versions of the ulpan and have both unsynchronized and synchronized methods of teaching. Through their distance learning courses, a person can learn Hebrew as well as learn to read Hebrew even if he or she is in another part of the globe. Many traditional and conventional ulpan in Israel have not been able to teach students basic Hebrew even within 5 or 6 months’ study. Hence, online courses to learn Hebrew have become more popular these days. Apart from the convenience these courses offer, they also use accelerated methods to learn Hebrew through audio, video and book formats. In addition, through a process of recap and revise, students continue learning new things without forgetting the old things learnt. Many online courses of ulpan in Israel also conduct cultural tours of the city. This way, students can interact with the native Israelis and speak in the language easily. Students in such a manner also easily pick up cultural mannerisms. Thus, through these ulpan in Jerusalem, students are able to speak, learn to read Hebrew as well as converse just like regular Israeli people!


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