Haifa Hotels

Haifa hotels have been increasing by the number since the tourism of this city has grown dramatically. Haifa is generally a cosmopolitan and modern city and boasts all the modern amenities expected by tourists. Compared to all the Israel hotels it is the Haifa hotels which offer the best class services.

Places to see in Haifa

When in Haifa, there are many interesting places to see. For example, there is the Bahai Gardens as well as the World Center, both of which are famous landmarks. The northern slope of the Mount Carmel contains the famous World Center and Bahai Gardens. You can see here the Golden Dome of the Bab Shrine. You can also check out some of the gorgeous administrative buildings, terrace gardens and many holy centers here. In fact, people who worship the Bahai religion come here very often to the World Center for pilgrimage. You can see some of the most beautiful gardens here. If you want to stay somewhere close to this area, you can check into some of the Haifa hotels located near the Bahai Gardens. There are many high class Haifa Hotels nearby.

Another very popular place to see is the Cave of Elijah. Both worshippers of Islam and Judaism worship Elijah. Carmelite worshippers worship the Prophet Elijah and believe He lived here in this cave. You can enjoy a lovely walk from the Stella Maris, a monastery to the Cave of Elijah. If you want to see all these lovely places in a group and within a reasonable price you can opt for some of the organized Haifa tours. You can even opt for customized, privatized Haifa tours, which are more in keeping with your pace and style of vacation.

The Stella Maris is a famous monastery, which is the founding location of the Carmelites. Then there is the German Colony, which is located near the Ben Gurion Boulevard. The other famous places to see include the Haifa University and the Druze Villages, which have plenty of bazaars for tourists. You can find plenty of goods and local handicrafts here for reasonable prices. Thus, if you want to shop within a budget and take home some artifacts from here then these bazaars are the best place!

Best Haifa hotels

Once you are tired of all that sightseeing and shopping, you can check into some of the famous Haifa hotels. Some of the best Haifa hotels include Dan Gardens, Dan Carmel Hotel, Holiday Inn Bay View, Dan Panorama, Isrotel Carmel Forest Spa Resort, which is located amongst the hills, in south of Haifa. Here you get fantastic spa therapies. Then there is the Le Meridien Haifa, which is a first class, five star accommodation. The Nof Hotel is centrally situated and hence is very accessible from the airport. This is one of the few Haifa hotels to be so centrally situated. The Hotel Beth Shalom Carmel and the Port Inn Guest House provide a nice, home-like ambience with great food. In addition, both of these Haifa hotels are situated close to the port.


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