Ulpan in Jerusalem

There are many different kinds of ulpan in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a holy city and is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. However, in order to have a good experience here in Jerusalem one needs to know Hebrew. This is where these ulpan in Jerusalem can help you learn Hebrew in record time.

Course levels

There are various levels of such ulpan in Jerusalem ranging from very basic to highly advanced. These courses start at the basic level called Aleph, lower intermediate known as Bet, upper intermediate called Gimmel and finally the advanced level called Dalet. The Dalet is the most comprehensive ulpan in Jerusalem. You should only be opted once you have gone through basic, lower and upper intermediate levels of study.

Duration of courses

The ulpan in Jerusalem courses last for six weeks. The entire period of the course is immersive in nature. The students are taught to learn to speak Hebrew just like native Israelis. Thus, they not only learn Hebrew but also master the subtle nuances, mannerisms while conversing, tense, grammar and other aspects of the language. An initial test or examination judges the level at which a student currently is in. Subsequently, according to the test results the students are placed in appropriate levels of ulpan in Jerusalem. Amongst all the ulpan in Israel the ones in Jerusalem happen to be the most immersive and rigorous. The overall quality of such courses is also better here.

No automatic mobility

You may think that once a level of ulpan in Jerusalem is completed, you automatically move to the next level. However, this is not the case. Instead, the decision whether a student can move to the next higher level depends on the grade obtained. Thus, if a student obtains poor grades in the previous level, he or she may not be sent to the next higher level of ulpan in Jerusalem. The main focus of such courses is to help the student learn Hebrew thoroughly and thus no corners are cut to promote a student to the next level.

The syllabus and teaching methods

The syllabus of ulpan in Jerusalem depends on the level opted for. For example, the basic course will teach a student how to learn to speak Hebrew as well as read and write it. The lower and intermediate levels teach students all about the tenses, verbs, grammar and correct sentence construction aspects. Thus, while the basic course may teach students how to speak daily sentences and carry on a basic conversation, the intermediate courses teach you how to converse fluently in Hebrew. The advanced courses that teach you to learn Hebrew focus on conversational skills, mannerisms, cultural aspects and other traits of Israelis. A bit of history is also included in such a level of ulpan in Jerusalem. More modern sources exist for ulpan in Jerusalem and one of these is the online courses offered. These online courses use accelerated techniques to learn Hebrew, using which a student can pick up the language in a very short time.


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