Guide To Diamond rings Care

Gifting of diamonds to the loved ones and to the near and dear ones is a custom that is followed in almost all the countries of the world irrespective of their religion, culture, caste, creed or language. Diamond jewelries like diamond rings, diamond pendants, diamond cufflinks, necklaces and tie pins are the most popular gifts that can be given to the loved ones.

Importance of diamond rings

It is generally considered that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Following this saying, many perspective grooms try to woo their spouses during the courtship by gifting them diamond rings.

This ritual of wooing with diamond rings has been popularized by different forms of media to such an extent that in present times, a diamond ring is considered to be the best engagement ring that can be exchanged between would be grooms and brides. In the Jewish culture, the brides and the grooms exchange rings on their wedding day itself.

Following this ritual, the rings that they exchange came to be known as wedding rings. The Jewish grooms and brides opt for various wedding rings that include diamond rings, platinum rings, golden rings or rings made of sterling silver.

Taking care of your diamond jewelries

Diamonds are considered to be the hardest rocks known to man. Being an allotrope of carbon, a diamond is considered to be a precious stone because of its unique optical characteristics. Diamonds can trap in a light source and disperse the light in various colors.

The strong covalent bonds between the carbon atoms and the tetra hedral structure make diamonds hard and efficient thermal conductors. All these properties together combined make diamonds highly sought after and valuable.

But then utmost care must be taken care of your diamond jewelries especially if you are wearing a diamond ring. A diamond ring is usually worn first during the wedding. From that time onwards, that ring must be worn regularly by the brides or the grooms to proclaim their happily married lives.

This may result in various problems. Continuous wearing of a diamond ring may make the diamond loose and the diamond may come out. That is why one has to be very careful while wearing the ring. Diamonds are polished to emit a glow but then they can pick up stains of oil or grease and become dirty. In times like these, they should be provided with the diamond care.

Under the diamond care, the ring has to be soaked in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. After that the diamond ring can be scrubbed with a toothbrush. One has to be very sure to clean the intersection point of the diamond and the ring in order to prevent accumulation of dirt there. After the cleaning process is done, the ring should be wiped dry with a clean piece of cloth or linen. This will restore the glaze to the diamond embedded in the ring.

Diamond rings are the evidence about how much your husband/wife loves you. So be extra careful when you are wearing one so that you don’t lose it by accident and always make sure to clean the ring in order to retain the glaze and shine of the diamond.


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