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You are visiting Israel and enjoying its beautiful scenery, hospitable atmosphere and unique spirituality. You have visited all the famous spots – from the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights in the North, to the Dead Sea, Eilat and the Negev Desert in the South. You have walked the winding streets of Old Jerusalem, stood in awe in front of the Western Wall (otherwise known as the Wailing Wall), ate delicious traditional Middle Eastern food in Jaffa, went out to lively bars and caf?s in Tel Aviv, and wandered such antique, special towns like Safed, Acre and Nazareth.

How Can You Keep Israel Close to Your Heart?

It is now time to go home, and you want something to remember Israel by. Sure, there are plenty of souvenir shops, but you can't find something that is truly unique, beautiful and appeals to your tastes. You also want to purchase gifts for your friends and family back home. What kind of gift is both beautiful and memorable? What kind of souvenir can you buy?

Throughout your visit, you have probably noticed certain items and designs that appear in many Jewish sites. Some examples of these symbols, unique to Israel and Judaism are the Menorah, the Star of David, Mezuzot, Kippot (skullcaps), the Shofar, the word "Chai" ('life') and many more. What better way to remember Israel than purchasing something that commemorates its traditional symbols?

Jewish Pendants Are a Beautiful Gift

Well, if you want a souvenir or gift that includes a Jewish symbol there is a perfect solution – Jewish pendants. Jewelry pendants comprising traditional symbols like the Menorah or the letters "Chai" can be found in many souvenir shops throughout the country. These Jewish pendants make for a beautiful souvenir for men and women alike, and are perfect for children as well as teenagers and adults. You can find Jewish pendants in various designs, colors and materials. Jewish pendants come in every price range you can think of – you can find simple, cheap ones in markets; pendants in the middle range of prices in souvenir shops and simple jewelry shops; and very pricy pendants, made by renown jewelry designers and comprising precious stones, diamonds and made of pure gold or silver in the expensive chain jewelry shops.

Aside from shops and markets, Jewish pendants can also be found in websites that sell Jewish and Israeli souvenirs. On these websites you can find a wide variety of pendants and a flexible price range. You can purchase pendants and they will be shipped to you directly. These pendants can be perfect not only as souvenirs from Israel but also as gifts for your loved ones, serving as a beautiful piece of jewelry that celebrates religion and tradition.


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