Tel Aviv Hotels

When it comes to Tel Aviv hotels you can expect plenty of variety. From the bed and breakfast versions to cozy apartments to even hostels, there are lots to choose from!

Within budget hotels

The Israel hotels in general boast fine d?cor, great hospitality and reasonable prices. Right from fine food to friendly staff you can expect all of this and more. Most of the Tel Aviv hotels are located very near to the central attractions and since they are centrally located you can easily reach these hotels. Besides, many of the Tel Aviv hotels are located near the airport. You could come by any one of the Tel Aviv flights and reach the hotel easily. Most of these hotels have reasonable prices to them, which makes for a cost effective deal.

Main attractions

If you are interested in some of the main Tel Aviv attractions you can explore the areas around. Since Tel Aviv is the capital and has a metropolitan culture, you can expect all the fun expected from any big city. Whether you love athletics or want some fun at the beach. Tel Aviv attractions have a lot to offer. In terms of sporting events, there is basketball, football and many others. You can also visit the famous Azrieli Observatory, which is counted as one of the most renowned Tel Aviv attractions. The beaches here are also fantastic and several health centers and spa clubs surround these beaches. You can also check out Ben Gurion’s house, the famous Bet Bialik and Bet Rubin Museums and many others.

Fine dining

Most Tel Aviv hotels offer a fine, classic dining experience. Right from schwarma which is a kind of grilled meat, to the famous Pita bread, plenty of coffee shops, various spicy curries and exotic brews, you can savor the delicacies here. If you wish to travel around to the other Israel hotels you can also find many diverse cuisines here. Even in high end places, you will find the native Israelis dressed casually. They love their food and this is reflected in the cuisines and menus served at the famous Tel Aviv hotels. You can sample some exotic fare at these hotels coupled with a great hospitality.

Famous Tel Aviv hotels

Amongst the most famous Tel Aviv hotels are the Crowne Plaza Hotel City Center, Carlton hotel, Isrotel Tower Tel Aviv and many others. The beauty of all Tel Aviv hotels is that though they may seem upscale and very chic, the prices are not that high. Thus, for the discerning and budget-conscious traveler, these Tel Aviv hotels are a good option to choose from. In addition, depending on whether you want a home-like atmosphere or an informal student ambience you can choose apartment like Tel Aviv hotels or even hostels. Most students traveling here or on a visit prefer the hostels as they are cheap and offer all the conveniences they are looking for. Many of the Tel Aviv hotels are situated directly facing the beaches. Thus, you can wake up to a spectacular view each day!


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