Dead sea Tours - the source of eternal youth!

Dead Sea tours are amongst the most sought-after tours in Israel. Every tourist who comes to this beautiful land always wants to see what the Dead Sea is like. Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is actually a treasure-trove of minerals and vitamins and is instrumental in slowing the ageing process of the skin! There are several organized Dead Sea trips, which provide panoramic views of the sea as well as relaxing spa treatments.

Personalized tours

The Dead Sea Tours include personalized tours inside the Dead Sea region. You can have a dedicated guide, who will explain everything about the Dead Sea. You get to climb the famous Masada in the early dawn and have sumptuous breakfast at Ein Gedi. You can then take an exclusive tour of the entire garden or botanical gardens. Every Dead Sea tour is packed with adventure and a rejuvenating experience. You can continue your Dead Sea tour by swimming inside the therapeutic waters of David’s Falls. These waters are known to have rejuvenating properties and have cured many people of joint pains and chronic arthritis problems! You can then proceed your Dead Sea trips with an adventurous hike on Ein Gedi National Park. You can just simply float on the Dead Sea as well! Unlike many other seas, the Dead Sea allows people to float easily.

Spa ambience and relaxation

No Dead Sea tour is ever complete without trying out some of the natural Dead Sea minerals on your skin! You can enjoy the rest of the day covering yourself in this magical mud and relaxing the whole day. These Dead Sea Tours are specially meant for small groups, not exceeding 10 persons. Even couples can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a spa-like treatment at the Dead Sea.

Bus Tours

There are also other ways to get to the Dead Sea trips. You can leverage some of the many bus tours available here. These tours provide you a panoramic view of the entire landscape of the Dead Sea. In addition, you can reach there faster and enjoy the whole day to yourself.

In demand

Dead Sea tourism has grown tremendously over the last few years. In the quest for constant youth, many celebrities have come here to explore the mineral-enriched soil. Modern cosmetic companies have used the therapeutic properties of this mud in their packs and products. If you want the best treatment just like any of the first-class spas, what better way than by opting for some of the Dead Sea tours? There is nothing like applying the real mud on yourself. You can experience real results in just a day! Most tourists come back feeling fresh like never before and relaxed. Since the Dead Sea tourism is very much in demand, the prices for such excursions can be quite high. However, the price is all worth it because such Dead Sea tours are an experience that you should cherish! You come back feeling rejuvenated and full of life!


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