Tallit Clips

Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl. During prayers, Jewish people wear a Tallit which normally slips off when one raises his eyes during prayer. To avoid this Tallit clips or talit clips are used. You will therefore find stores, conventional or online, with gifts like classic sterling silver tallit clips that are great as gifts just like other Judaica items. Tallis clips have a practical use as they keep the Tallit falling-off from the shoulders.

These clips can be personalized by adding the names. Name tallit clips are soldered in silver with a name cutout. Jerusalem’s skyline on these clips designed in gold, sterling silver is in high demand. The gorgeous Judaica items like clips with name comes in innumerable designs from a tree of life, ten Commandments, Kotel design, to a classic cutout design. The names can be engraved in English, Hindi, or Hebrew letters.

These Jewish Tallit clips are especially hand-crafted with new styles, designs according to the taste of the customer. The Jewish Jeweler makes the Tallit clips in sterling silver in brushed finish with the windows of Jerusalem, to show the windows, gates of the Jerusalem. These tallit clips can feature a kotel motif or Jerusalem skyline on it.

The Jewish tallit clips with a feature the tablet of law, a building with various columns held by twin lions intricately designed in Sterling Silver is dignified and regal addition in Traditional religious worshipper’s collection.

The Yemenite artists and jewelers design these tallit clips in several metals and designs. They handmade these tallit clips in gold, silver or other metals plated in gold, silver or platinum and in different shapes and colors. They may also have semi-precious stones for decorating designs like Jerusalem’s beautiful skyline with enamel work or religious motifs. The uniquely designed Judaica gifts like such clips are especially made by the jewelers for customizing them on order.

You can get them designed in various shapes, sizes, taste, style sense, age, or for specific gender. These Jewish clips are designed in 14K- 18K-gold, silver, platinum, can be gold polished, rhodium polished or can be made in different metals. They are reasonably priced so that you can gift tallit clips to your loved ones. The jewelers are also mass producing the custom designed Tallit clips to make it affordable to every worshipper.

The Bat Mitzvah/Bar reading on stunning Jerusalem clip is a unique present for various occasions. These Tallit Clips as gifts represent great heritage of Jerusalem.

Beautifully designed Tallit clips are engraved with religious symbols and charms to make it a personalized possession. The worshipper wears them during the prayers and these symbolic tallit clips represents their own beliefs and faiths.

These Tallit clips are available in various localized jeweler shop, or can be order on internet. These custom made clips, or uniquely symbolized Tallit clips picked form the enormous collection.


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