The Jewish talit is a special prayer shawl worn during religious ceremonies. It requires wearing the Jewish talit shawl in a special manner to pay adherence to the Jewish religion.

How to wear talit

The Jewish talit shawl symbolizes a sense of personal space to express one’s devotion to the Lord. The Jewish talit should be worn over some piece of clothing and never directly on top of your skin. The literal meaning of tallit is little tent and hence you wear this shawl like a tent to create your own prayer space. While you wear the Jewish talit you need to ensure that the neckband is held at both ends and that the fringes are in their proper place. You then need to repeat the blessing of the recital. Then commence by putting the Jewish tallit on top of your head. Then bring the neckband as close to the mouth as you can. Finally, you need to bring the Jewish talit across your shoulders.

Saying prayer

When you wear the Jewish talit it is essential that you recite the prayer. It helps to enhance the awareness of the Lord around you. In addition, it also makes you aware that you are wearing a religious garment. The correct way to wear the Jewish tallit is that the Hebrew words should be facing you and their right side is up. Then make sure to kiss the four corners of the tallit atarah now.

How to kiss the Tallit atarah

The recital prayer while wearing the Jewish talit is as follows:

"Praise the Eternal One, O My soul. O God, you are very great. Arrayed in glory and majesty, you wrap yourself in light as with a garment, and stretch out the heavens like a curtain. We praise you, Eternal God, Sovereign of the universe: You hallow us with your mitzvot and teach us to wrap ourselves in the fringed tallit".

Once you have recited the prayer you need to kiss the tallit atarah on all four corners. The correct way to do this is by kissing the tallit atarah twice. First, you need to kiss the portion where the last recited blessing word was embroidered. The second time you kiss the tallit atarah at the first word of the recital embroidery. Kissing the tallit atarah is optional but if you want to pay your respects to the Jewish religion then it is better to do so.

Tallit clips and katan

Tallit clips are another essential part of the Jewish religious ceremonies. There are silver as well as different colored assorted tallit clips. These are laid with beautiful stones and intricate carvings and help hold the Jewish talit in place. There are flower shapes, Gold plated tallit clips as well as Hamsa designs made on them. The tallit katan is another Jewish religious undergarment worn during prayer times. It is worn during the daytime and is worn under the shirt but not directly over the skin. The tallit katan that contains tzitzit should be tucked in before wearing.


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