Netanya Hotels

Netanya is one of the most visited places in Israel. Besides being an important sea resort, it is also home to a large English speaking population. Travelers revel on the 14 km of beaches of Netanya and spend some great time vacationing in this beautiful city. Being such an important tourist spot, Netanya is home to some of the finest hotels in Israel. Netanya hotels are well appointed and experienced in handling guests by the thousands who visit this place every year.

Compare with other Israel hotels

When you compare Netanya hotels with other Israel hotels, Tel Aviv hotels and Jerusalem hotels for example, you get to experience the same amenities and customer service that are available in those larger cities. Like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Netanya is also has multiple hotels that can be put in different categories. As a tourist to Netanya, you have more than a handful of options to choose your perfect hotel depending on your budget.

5 stars Netanya Hotels

Netanya has basic budget hotels and also 5-star category hotels. As is with hotels in other cities and countries, Netanya hotels also afford you the same amenities based on the amount you pay. A basic hotel will offer you the basic amenities while a super luxury hotel will treat you like royalty and offer you much more in terms of luxury and facilities. Then there are the Netanya hotels in between these two that differ in amenities and luxury based on the price that they charge. There are also some boutique hotels in Netanya that have a separate ambience of their own.

Those that visit Netanya on a long-term basis can also use the service apartments that dot the city. These service apartments are like your home away from home and give you the same feeling as if you were staying in a house. There are the customary drawing rooms, bedrooms with attached baths and the fully equipped kitchens that you get in these service apartments. You can cook your own food or get it from outside. Other facilities like laundry service are also available in Netanya hotels.

Some of the finest hotels in Netanya offer you the best in amenities and service. You get spacious and well appointed rooms that offer you a great view of the beaches and the azure waters beyond. The rooms are furnished appropriately and have separate work areas for business travelers. The Netanya hotels have convention and business centers for both social and business gatherings. The finest telecommunication facilities are also available. You also get food from around the world.

When in Netanya you can leave it to Netanya hotels to take care of your needs as a guest. Once you check in, you can forget everything and have a great time touring this fantastic resort city.


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