Krav Maga T- Shirts

One of the most gaining popularity T-shirt is based around the actual Israeli military self-defense combat system called Krav Maga. Krav Maga means “close combat”. Krav Maga was first used, and designed for the Israeli Defense Security Forces. It then got adopted to be used by the Israeli law enforcement staff, then Israeli military forces, then the world. Today Krav Maga is world-wide being studied by your average day civilian, celebrity, military, law enforcement officers, and security guards all over the world.

The Origins

Krav Maga was developed, and created by Imrich Lichtenfeld Sde -Or . It was not till after his death that this Hebrew close combat fighting style truly gained its global popularity. This is highly due to many of the followers of Krav Maga. They did not want this fighting style to be lost. This drive created many Krav Maga followers to start up organizations, training school to keep Krav Maga combat alive.

Such organizations that took rise include; The International Krav Maga Federation, The Krav Maga Association, Krav Maga Worldwide, and The International Krav Maga Association to name a few. Merchandisers also took notice as many Krav Maga merchandise store started to emerge all over the world making Krav Maga gear and wear. The Krav Maga logos, organization names, and sayings were all stamped on almost everything including t- shirts. Thus the Krav Maga t- shirt was born, and the rest is history.

For Anyone

You do not have to be a follower of the Krav Maga close combat system though to wear a Krav Maga t-shirt. While most who do train in the Krav Maga combat system (Such as the Israeli military.) do wear them with pride, it is thanks to the internet that you do not even have to be a Krav Maga expert to wear one. You can just look like you do by wearing a stylish Krav Maga t-shirt that you can purchased easily online.

These t- shirts come in a variety of colors, and sizes to accommodate to the likes of men, women, and children. Teen age boys are especially fond of these shirts. Quality craftsmanship also plays a part in these popular t-shirts. The look and feel of these shirts is a masterpiece.


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