Jewish T-shirts

Jewish T-shirts are a fun way to say, Hey I am Jewish and I am proud. In fact that could actually be a t-shirt! One of the best ways we can express ourselves is by what we wear. So make a statement in a Jewish T- shirt.


When it comes to Jewish T shirts, you will encounter many styles from the humorous to the darkly humorous. To the Hebrew language, and Hebrew symbols t-shirts, the list goes on, and on. There is even a whole style section for kids and babies that are Jewish or Hebrew themed. No matter what style you decide to wear you will definitely make a statement, or make a fellow Jew smile.

Humorous T- Shirts

Humorous T-shirts are the most popular. Due to the close kinship of the Jewish community Jewish humor has developed is a name for itself. They can range from the light humorous such as the sweetly, “Kiss me I’m Jewish” or “Everyone loves a Jewish girl” to the tad bit dark and naughty that your Mother, Grandmother, or Rabbi might blush over. Such as “I love Shiksas”, or “100% Kosher” to the classic “Trust me I’m a Rabbi” will definitely stir up conversation.

Hebrew T- Shirts

Hebrew t-shirts are another popular style. These shirts take everyday words, places, popular products then prints it in the Hebrew lettering. Such as taking the Coca Cola logo, and translating it into the Hebrew language. Another popular one is the Starbuck logo printed in Hebrew. Some shirts can even have the word in English then the Hebrew lettering translation underneath it. Some other popular themes of Hebrew t-shirts include sports, music & movies, peace t-shirts, Krav Maga, Places t-shirts and so much more all in Jewish, Hebrew theme.

No matter what style of Jewish t-shirt you pick, know that what every style you choose you will always be, well stylish! These shirts can make great gifts, and act as way of staying true to your Jewish roots. With the busy world we live in we can sometimes get lost forgetting where our roots are. We can forget where we came from. Now you can never forget and wear your Jewish faith proud. As one witty T- shirt says,” Don’t worry be Jewish”.


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