Israeli Army T- Shirts

Show your support with Israeli Army T shirts no matter where you are around the globe. Thanks to the great wide web you can purchase your Army support tees easily to make a statement. State your pride out loud without really even saying a word.

The History

The Israeli army also called the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), or Tzahal was established in May of 1948 to act as protector of the Israeli people. Their mission is to protect the Israeli people from all forms of terrorism, or any activity that threaten the Israeli people. Then when the Arab/Israeli war happened during 1949 -1956 the IDF that we have today was established making it the most professional enduring Armies of the world.

It is actually mandatory that you serve at least 3 years if you are a man, and 2 years if you are a woman in the Israeli military. After you have done your mandatory service you then can decide to continue on if you like. If there is any reason you are unable to serve in the military you are given choice of serving on the National Service where you can do volunteer work for a 2 year term. The Israeli Defense Forces are broken down into three units. The Grounds, the Air Force, and Sea Corps (Navy). You also have your Elite units such as the Golani, Paratroopers, and Mossad. Israeli’s strong pride in their military has now sparked Israeli Army t-shirts.

T- Shirts for every Unit

If you want to show your IDF support for a certain unit, for example say you are a family of Sea Corp service men and women. No worries for there are Israeli Army t- shirts to support every Israeli army unit from the Navy, The Air Force down to the elite Mossad.

Why are these T- shirts so popular though? They are an excellent way to show your pride, your support to all who had served, and still serve to protect the everyday Israeli citizens. They can also make good mementos that you did your mandatory Israeli Army service. Or maybe you didn’t get a chance to serve, and the Israeli Army t -shirts can help you still feel a part of this prestigious Army.

Either way due to the popularity of these t-shirts it has granted them some national attention to where anyone can purchase one of these stylish tees from anywhere globally.


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